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Flash-List of the surnames May 27, 2004
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Genealogy researches June 27, 2004
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Flash-List of my ancestors January 2006
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Metral Family


Here are some lines of descent of METRAL families found during my genealogical research,

Descendants of Joseph METRAL.
Born at the begining of the 18th century, his descendants are found around the villages of Aviernoz and Les Ollières (NE Annecy) and the villages of Chapeiry, Marcellaz (SW Annecy).

Descendants of Claude-Maurice METRAL
Born in Villaz (NE Annecy).

Descendants of Henri METRAL des Ailles
Born in Aviernoz at the begining of the 17th century, you find here a list of some of his descendants in the area.

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